Dawn we now this golden glow. What we poses, lies before us, set in our hands. Shining brighter than the rays on the sky. This beautiful thing. Life's great opportunity. It stands at your door filled with hope and ringing with truth. You know it to be so for as hours roll on and seasons change it remains the only thing to stand so constant in your crazy, chance. A chance, a dream, an idea that sparks at night and is birthed in days break while birds ring their song of spring.
While you find tranquility in your soul and peace spreads your face in forms of smiles. Will reminiscent pictures fill your brain. As the noteworthy scenes flash past your vision. By days end when the same sun of dawn's flash vanishes in whispers to the night. Will you be at peace with it all. And know you took that chance, you grabbed hope and flew on the wings of opportunity. Shall it set easily with you soul and let slip your breath with joy. Know that it is well and the gatekeepers hands shall guide you home.

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