Dawn of love

In the gentle grasp of morning's light,
Two hearts entwined, their spirits take flight.
As the sun's rays paint the sky above,
They bask in the warmth of the dawn of love.

With whispered words and tender embrace,
Their souls dance freely in this sacred space.
A symphony of emotions, soft and pure,
Filling the air, a love that will endure.

In each other's eyes, a universe unfolds,
A story untold, yet forever foretold.
Hand in hand, they face the world anew,
Bound by a love that's timeless and true.

For in this dawn, love's beauty is born,
A radiant promise, a love to adorn.
Through life's twists and turns, they'll always find,
The dawn of love, an eternal bind.

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This Poems Story

Love was reborn again in my life, I went from pillar to post seeking for its existence and then I found myself deep into the heart of love and it was dawn