Day 8

Laying here with you
It’s when I feel the deepest peace
It’s when the words pour out
Like a river flowing gracefully

We went into town today
To try to remember
Though apart
We are still a part of something
More than ourselves
Though I think you know that
And as the world asks us to separate
The world comes together

The familiar faces
That used to look quickly
Rush, stressed
Walk by, distanced
But closer
Than ever before

With bright, desperate smiles
And excited waves
As if they’re happier to see us
Strangers too, seem like family
We all want to know each other
And wonder how each other are doing
Like never before

Not off to the next place
With a quick nod and hello
If we’re lucky
Our minds once busy with tasks
Now wanting to look deeper
And connect with our souls

The streets out here are quiet
But the homes
Full of life
Families through the window
Looking out at us
Inviting us to connect
Through the space between us

What is happening
It’s such a strange time
With no social obligations
Are we better
Did we need a break from each other
To look inward
To love ourselves
To take off the masks
For long enough to mean something
And figure out who we are
Without distraction
To love in our homes
Without excuse
Not relying on others
To define us
But to define ourselves
And enjoy our own company
As we work together
Like never before

You look up at me
I hope you don’t notice the playground
The swings
Swaying with the wind
The slide
Calling us over
We can’t go there
And I don’t know how to explain that to you

You start to run
Echos of your joy
Being sent out into the empty streets
Filling hearts and homes
With hope
Closer than ever before

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