Day By Day

Sunrise to sunset
The choices made
There is no regret.
Hours of sleep lost
Through sweat and tears
This is the life people
Live for many years.
Land of the free,
Home of the brave.
Do the ones who
Serve actually give up
Their lives to save?
Blinded by sex, money, and fame.
Everyone's purpose
Is definitely not the same.
There is no end.
When the only thing
To cure depression is
Following the "acohol trend".
“We are here for you”
Is what the higher ups
Promise to keep.
None will step forward
When you choose to
Forever sleep.
All is said and done,
Was it them who let
Death won?
It was yourself (they blamed you)
For all the work piled
up on the shelf.
You told them it hurt.
Did anyone believe
When the scares were
Shown from underneath the shirt?
But it is "ok”.
Society says
Ignore and move on,
It is the only way.
For people will
Still live on…
Day by day.

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