Day In And Day Out

A man within an army that walks single file.
He walks day in and day out marching every mile.
A gin on his face though he has no be.
He walks day in and day out with a coat made of red.
Is down on a fort that blue coats crowd.
They wait day in and day out without being to loud.
The red coats stalk the men within the fort.
The knifed guns in their hands their not coming up short.
The red coats attack not a secound too soon.
All red and blue here are cannons that boom.
The red get slaughtered though they have more men.
More men dont matter they all end up dead.
A blue coat jumps for joy while others sing.
All of them here the liberty bell ring.
All around from Plymouth to Jamestown.
A smile on blue coats faces day in and day out.

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