Day in the Life of 1968

In her dream, it was middle of summer.
She wore a gingham dress;
Her eyes, burnt sienna,
She was gliding in red pointed shoes
Across the cornfield cracking,
Bending, blowing
In dense air.
Her dress raised like an umbrella,
She protected her children underneath.
She glued the family together,
Piece by piece,
Spread her mother's picnic cloth
Onto slanted earth.
It's time for the family picnic.
Her right hand lifted come here,
Then swiftly dropped
Against the curves of her hips.
Her children's high-pitched laughter
Surrounded her.
Inside she was melting.
The light through the window began to fade,
And her daughter ran past her
With the last chord
Of "A Day and a Life"
In her hair.

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