Day Is Longer Than The Night

The day is not the sun rise,
It’s not the dawn, . . . peeping,
into the bedroom . . . into the kitchen,
into the bathroom . . . the hallways,
telling us,
get up/get moving/get going!

It’s not the noon day sun,
Beating down on us,
Hot, Sticky, Bright, Comforting
, . . . Sometimes.

It is not the sunset, shining brilliantly
Into our eyes as we drive,
Bringing down the day curtain,
Punctuating the end of our day

It is not the lingering evening light,
Those traces of skylight,
The streaks of color atop the trees,
The painted pictures in the sky.
NO . . .
it’s from mid night
. . . to midnight.
Day is longer

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