Day of Need

My today is not everyone's!
They do not come though they have been summoned
Through obvious circumstances, conditions, even personal requests
They do not come
Even if the same has been shown or demonstrated, do not wait
They are not coming
This requires dealing with my circumstance with distraction
Maybe that's how they help, offering unthoughtful distraction
Questions arise to possibly help me deal, but they don't
Why don't they come? Am I not loved? Do they not care?
Am I bad? Do they not think of my son enough?
They know my wife needs them.
How can they do this without regret?
Why do they make me regret my past offerings to them?
I am not hurt with them, I am hurt with my circumstance
I am numb in silent thoughts
I worry that today will change their tomorrow
By not having us in their day of need
I know my God requires more
I know my God will pull me up
I am still for Him, to be with Him!
He knows my love for them and I know His love for me which
Is all I need to make it through each day for now
Why is my today not their opportunity to offer themselves?
This circumstance numbs me, their reaction breaks me-
My faith in God and wife sustain me!

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