Day of Painful Tears

The pane of pitter patter splash
Dripped across the slippery slope
Writing memories with transparent ink
Breathed upon with warm soft air

The reminiscence of the flow of time
Perfectly synchronized to the outpour of raindrops
Twirled the melody of childhood recollection
As I gently reclined in my white wooden rocking chair
Rhythmically moving back and forth
The sensual dance recreated my small dwelling place

Pausing to ponder, I sat in silence and closed my eyes
Slowly, I transcended into an alternate reality
A role reversed placed me in my small navy blue dress
Playing with my rag doll, staring at the window
While I stole glances at a tall plump figure
Whose face gleamed at me with a quiet smile
She wore grace on her hands
And strength on her fingertips
As they slowly knitted the silk blue thread on her lap

My grandmother aged with valor
She never wore the pain or suffering on her face
She wouldn't let me see
But I soon saw and felt what I could not understand
And knew for the first time
A pure love lost, my innocence distraught
For in a little while, she became submerged in my tears

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This Poems Story

"Day of Painful Tears" was inspired by the desire to connect myself to an experience that was different from my own. I wanted to transcend my own individual experiences and utilize my imagination to bridge the gap of time between who I am and who I could have been. I also felt inclined to include an empathetic and nostalgic tone to the poem. I felt a familiar warmth and soft touch, as if the poem became my own memory. Essentially, I wanted to convey that I could deeply feel and understand an experience that wasn't fully mine.