Day of Reckoning

Why can't you just let me burn?
I have to because it's my turn
My day of reckoning has come
And my pain has just begun
My eyes are open, now I see
Everyone has just been using me
No love, only lots of hate
The devil is waiting, we've got a date
I can hear the screaming, no I won't cry
It's my fault I had to die
I knew God never had my back
He vanished when I smoked that first sack
I tried to live a good life
But I couldn't help but use the knife
When the blood flowed out of my skin
I was wildly attracted to the sin
Now I'm in hell, no happiness around
In the corner there are dead bodies in a mound
My nightmares are coming true, this is my reality
I've sacrificed my last bit of sanity
There's no hope for me, please run
My future is full of sorrow, no fun

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