Day of reckoning

The day of reckoning is here,
Every man for himself,
Time for the grain to be separated from the chaff,
Suit up before entering the hall,
By hook or crook is the motto of the desperate,
Right in the hall the battle for survival begins,
All i can hear is the tick tack of destiny,
Their face tells it all,
From the calm to the anxious,
Time will tell,
Wonder is endless,
Under the nose of the cameraman,
Mr smart wants to exhibit smartness,
Only for his luck to be locked and his
victor terminated,
Mercifully,his paper is jailed and not him,
Their expression now thickens at the eleventh
By declaring "pen up",
The burden on Mr clueless is taken away,
He thinks its over,
For the day of reckoning has just began for him

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