Day of the Clone

Wake up, everybody!
it's the day of the clone
This strange way of reproducing
is all biblically wrong
Clones are such odd creatures
'cause they were not given a soul
They lack spiritual awareness:
their hearts are unfeeling and cold
Clones can never believe in God
the way we humans religiously do
Because man was their creator
they lack a measure of faith to be born anew
Beware everybody!
it's the day of the clone
These carbon-copy counterfeits
are like a plagiarized song
God made everything from nothing
it's a feat which is unparalleled
Clones are weak imitations
from a flawed genesis designed to fail
These bizarre beings will succeed
in expanding the technological border
With a license to exterminate humanity
"Clones Only" will be the new world order
Wake up, everybody
it's the day of the clone
Night time is here
my how the time has gone

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