Day of the T.I.M.

By Ez   

Day of the T.I.M.
By Ez

Bursting in flame, his soul turns to dust,
frozen in fear, his heart starts to rust.
Living in terror, he runs all day and night,
stuck in his hatred, he never strays from a fight.
Hatred towards friends, he only knows the truth,
knowledge, and pain stuck no longer in his youth.
Hiding from the hope, he fears his life will be taken,
thinking he´s down, but the terror he has been fakin’.

Turning the tables, though they believe he has failed,
but unknown to them, victory he has already haled.
Not sad now, but instead filled with glee,
fear now shall be the fate his enemies flee.
His friends think they know the reason,
for all his changes, like he's in a different season.
Little do they know, all their thoughts he has seen,
he sits and watches, for not in fear or happiness but in between.
They will soon fall without hope, screaming in fear,
but he only backs away, never again will he come near.
Victory he claims, because their light has been lost,
their light dark, frozen by a layer of his frost.
His friends are gone, their grief is now faded,
but he doesn't mind, for all of them he has hated.

Relaxed and calm, for his friends are now gone,
a new life he starts, for from his old self he has withdrawn.
Happiness and joy shall come, no hope to worry about,
his tears can be released, no more are they in a drought.
Though saddened, for in his past he had rejected,
the one who had drawn near, pain he had in them injected.
A second chance is not what he wishes for,
for he has changed, his feelings are not as before.
Confused and scared, now for between them, he must choose,
for, in the end, he knows the other he will lose.
Looking at the soul, he wishes for his own traits,
fear in his soul, in his head, are many debates.
For laughter makes him fear his own darkness,
but hope makes him desperate to quit his harshness.
The one with the phrase of being saved,
for the other, many years had he behaved.
No decision, so he will continue to play,
pain and misery shall he then have to pay.
But until then, he will continue the game,
he won’t quit the system he will light it aflame.
But to the light when they ask why he is grim,
He won’t respond, for it's just another day of the T.I.M.

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T.I.M. Stands for \"The I.R.O.N. Men\" I.liicit R.enegade O.outcast N.othings