Daydreamers are evolution
Built like an exquisite corpse
Each thought designing something new, unique
They see through butterfly wings,
Wishing to remain camouflaged from reality
They stretch their necks like giraffes
Till pollinating tongues lick the clouds
Thoughts so electric, hair streaks down as lightning
Sculpting with each lock's bolt
Each passerby notices the spectacular beauty
Though daydreamers are too shy to believe it
Elbows extended, bearing sweet fruit
The curious occasionally try a piece in conversation
Limited by personal insecurities
Their chest has become a cage to song birds
Each rib a piano sharp for lovers to play solely
Innocent children hear the music,
Once and awhile one is intrigued enough
To find the key in the dreamer's crescent belly button,
Freeing the imagination once more to the inspiring blue moon
These ravishing inventors are reckless
Walking with tornados
Trying to find perfection in the eye
To their demise daydreamers are encased in miserable bodies
Continuously strangled by a black and white society
Trapped in a world afraid to dream too

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