On the drive to work, I spotted a man riding backwards.
Whether that be with his body facing the wrong way or
the bike, I didn't know,
But, my mind, it was moving forward,
Past the dust particles in the car, the concrete kingdom,
and invisibly drawn boundaries.
It moved with breakneck speed, caressing the earth's curves
and stopping behind me.
It rested in the backseat of my car, stretched thin, like a tight
wire, from the tip of my nose to my car's
backseat encompassing
the lands that were out of arms reach and hid in my eyes' blind
spots.I could see the roaring lions of Africa,
women dancing in saris, lush vegetation,
And a car.
It was a tiny thing, bright red, and covered in dents and stickers.
It's rear grew larger and larger the longer I stared.
But a honk, sharp and aggressive, sounded beside me causing my foot
to stomp on the brake. The sudden jerk made my mind fly backwards
out the back window and into the streets. I saw rich green lands,
swathes of colors dancing, a pride swallowing its roars,
And a man riding forward on his bike.

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