Days Are So Deceiving

Days are so deceiving
You think there's just this one
But by then they've strung together in a string that can be hung
On weeks and months on calendars
all adding up to years
and you wake to the dawning of the Day
That confirms your biggest fears
That time has all flown by so fast, and yes, you're growing old
That day you thought was just that one, turns out that it was sold
For all the things you didn't do, and things that have been done
A parade of good intentions march with every setting sun
Kisses missed and friends forgot and dreams adrift at sea
Goals and lofty expectations dwarfed by reality
Time is a cruel mistress, and days the slave of time
And I, the slave of passing days though I thought that they were mine
To get ahead of minutes you would have to move so fast
To break the speed of regret to get your minutes back
But I will never get there
back to days gone by
What good to think behind yourself and sit and wail and cry?
I can be the master of my days
Starting with this one
I look ahead, remembering well, and do what can be done.

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