Days have came and days have gone

Day's have come and Day's have gone, But all my memories seem so long.
Life has come and life has gone. But it really seems my memories last so long.
I make it right, you make it wrong, But in the end I will stay strong.
I make a promise, I try my best to help my love ones that's under stress.

Day's have come and Day's have gone to everyone that's passed along.
You have gone and I am strong cause in the end I know you're gone.
Until the day we meet again, I hold you in my heart until the end.
You were my buddy, you were my friend, but I will not worry cause I will see
you again.

So Day's have came and Day's have gone so why did we decide to wait so
long? We are weak and we are strong but in the end we come along. But by
the grace of God above our hearts stay strong cause we are loved.
So take your time and don't stress out cause by the end it will work out.

Day's have came and Day's are gone so my true friend please stay
strong. people past and I know its wrong but in the end we are better gone.
Watch the gates of Heaven I'll see you one day soon ,so we can sit, laugh and play
and watch cartoons.

These are the Day's that have past and gone so my dear people live
your life full and strong. Because you never know when your time is
gone. So these are the Day's that have come and gone.

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