Days of Pandemic


Arise from a bed of fitful Covid dreams;
Face life, unraveling at the seams.
Jobs vanished, yet, not so the bills;
Endless worries, dilemmas, assorted ills.
Perception fades away beneath the flow
Of sameness, soporific, mind-numbingly slow.
Molasses in a Vermont winter lethargy
Sapping the quicksilver spark of vitality.
A quagmire of chores, narcotic, routine,
Performed with senses less than keen.
Leaving one puzzled as to what
Has been done, and what has not.
Entrees of tedium, on a bed of quicksand
Served with a side of boredom, hospital bland.
Eaten by robots sleepwalking through the days
In an asphalt in a Texas summer hot spell haze.
"Essential" commutes, grown too familiar,
Pass dreamlike before the bleary-eyed traveler.
Social distance, cover your face,
Scurry home, like rats, shelter in place.
Only life-changing "Bagdad Cafe" magic
Could levitate one from the days of pandemic.

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