Days Of The Week

By MAO   

I cried Sunday
Of course You don’t care
But it was in the shower
Long and hard
I had music playing
To cover my sobs
As the water mixed with tears

I swallow Monday
As they fought
It helped me sleep
Made the screaming fade
Of course no one else could hear
They always say
It’s just in my head

I bleed Tuesday
Right from my thighs
It ran down warm and dark
I wonder if
It will scar
A constant reminder
I am not right

I felt woozy Wednesday
Everything spun
Maybe just a little to much
Maybe One to many tears
Maybe One to many cuts
Maybe One to many pills
But who cares I am alright

On Thursday
I multitask
I cry 1 tear
I take 17 pills
I mark 2 cuts
I wondered if
They’ll believe me now

Yesterday Was Friday
There was a room
It was white and clean
But smelled like bleach
My wrists are wrapped
My stomach aches
I wish I had left

Today Is Saturday
I’m still there
In the bleach smelling room
They say I’m sick
And tell me to take pills
Yet they still won’t quiet
The people in my head

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