Days Watched In The Nights

My heart aches at the thought of you. While my heart beats at the love of wanting u. Needing u. But it's never there...the heart aches. Making me feel
Sickly in love
Sick of the nights
I lay in bed n feel you next to me and feel your nothing .
But love
Your something.
Sometimes I wonder what keeps
My sheet soiled with the smell of you surrounding me.. lingering through the memories of good I wish to only wake in the morning and wash your impurities away. Like the blanket that wraps my skin of a embrace once lost under those very same covers.
To heavy to bare weighting my sorrow deep with in the upper dermise. I dare now not allow that to seep into my very own follicles...the knowledge already embedded in its own dna...yet I am a fool to myself. With all that's left in the heart of love I gave to you. That has kept me warm through the nights. I restlessly wake with only a sheet to fade this to help heal this sickness of you. I pull the cover over my head to think it would lay low a veil o maybe it will take it away while shutting my eyes heart heart it's still beating.. through my lids the sun kisses my eyes as if your lips were telling me the things in you unseen. . but to this to I know better. Flashes of again more memories of what has come and gone
Defeated I pull down yet again and open my eyes.
Your disoriented figure making its self unravelled
I feel it again in my's churning like your sweat infecting the sweetness of your numbness. My heart begins to ache the same way...a plauge so feverish....these soiled sheets...sickly in love
Sick of the days watched in the night

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