Days With My Lover

Days with my lover are prospecting.
Hard and glorious labor, looking for precious things.
My lover has no end, his depths call me.
And I dig my fingers deep, seeking with each morning,
New paragons, riches untold,
Streams of cold spring bubbling up to taste me.
My lover's horizon
Sinks back within him.
Distances I could never reach, if I were to walk
Until I forgot my feet, still he would be
Wild expanse surrounding me.
Earth - in his eyes, ivory, his hands, mountains, his spine,
Oceans are his lips (his neck, an oak I lean against)
Listening to his voice,
The rain, drumming down familiar, washing me in rhythms.
My lover's arms are a nest: 'Fold your wings, lay here to rest',
Hidden from the rude gaze
Of creatures, of strangers, men...
And he is the breath before the song,
He is the premeditated silence.
My lover is patient as the ruby within
Clock faces ticking endless.
My lover makes me richer than all the kings of the world
With just one single kiss.
Days with my lover
Make us both

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