Let me tell you who I am
I’m a man and a man you do see
When I was young,
My parents was the television and the wall
‘Parents’ what was that?
Who are they?
If they existed, I never knew them or see them.

As the older years of my teens
Society grabbed hold of me
And molded me into what I’ve become.
I’m a man & a man had rules
We had to be gates of safety
We had to be motionless.
We had no fear.

I fell in blood of a man that was like me
He hated me & tried to kill me.
A lesson I would never forget.
The world was nothing, but a black hole
Where you had to survive on your own
By fighting with each other.

A new me was created by the army.
Teachings of flight or fight
They taught me how not to feel
I was a soldier with no feeling
With no emotion
I became one of the eastern samurai's

I became nothing but a dark shell
A corpse, I was & I remain
As such.

Don’t I have a soul?
A heart?
Don’t I have feelings?
Aren’t I not supposed to be me?
I don’t exist
To them
Or to the world.

Let me tell you one of the horrors
That I’ve seen.
Baghdad; I was there, and it was strange
Men were covered
Head to toe in colorful garb.
The women were dressed in typical dressing
You could tell who was in charge.

Night came & stayed
Carrying a heavy shell on my back
Meeting a woman was the norm
What scared me was what
She was doing to a man.
De-manning him is what I called it.

She had his genitals being held by tongs
The nurses gave her a cleaning pipe vacuum
She slowly pushed it into
Like shooting a gun
Making it look easy was her pride.
The man was in pain
I could feel it too
‘He’ became wimpy and it died.
Next thing you know it was gone.
Fear made an appearance for the first time.

Home. I felt safe, but it was a nightmare.
The dark was an enemy & a friend
I would see silhouette in the doorway
Notices on my door from neighbors
Because of the screams
That leaves my mouth
I fear that lady
I’m scared to be a man.

Barely leaving this hell of a house
Evicted=no bills paid
Therapy not helping
Walking through alleyways
In fear of being attacked
By that woman.

I’m a man in a woman’s world.
Men run for your lives.
News showed a woman president
Women this
Women that.
My mind is in jumbles
Someone...anyone helps us all.
A light came on
Hope finally came.

But you lost
But you raised to the occasion
$1.5 Billion to be exact
I’ll accept it.

For now.
News came far and vast
We won a battle
But not the war.
Can we fight back?

All that I hear
Is the wind laughing at me?
The world is now taken over
By females.
Standing in line to get
My physical
Instead, it’s about getting

We lost.
We lost in the most degrading way.

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