First thing you should know and is probably a bad way to start this poem off
Is that I️ don’t value myself
Yeah you heard right
I️ don’t value myself
Because if I️ did I️ wouldn’t be trying to look for attention
Attention in men
Attention from anybody who gives me constant compliments
But won’t read my poems and converse with me
Quick to tell me how beautiful iam
How I️ was wonderfully made
How my dark skin shines through
How my smile and my lips are just so
Sometimes I️ feel like I️ should be another person
I️ be wanting to share myself with people
Certain people
As for them they just want to keep me on a leash
Where she isn’t my girl but you know I️ still want to have sex with her though
She smart but she not on my level smart
She not worth coming in the day time
I will call her to come at 11pm
Matter fact i will make her come to me
The least I️ can do is cuddle and act like I️ care after
If I️ value myself I️ wouldn’t be trying to look forward to every text
And I️ get mad where the conversation stops at sex
Like okay this is what I️ want
Yeah I️ be down to do that but it also comes with my heart
No matter how hard I️ try
I️ can’t shake my heart
I️ get mad where I️ see that I️m trying to ask questions and it gets no where
Sometimes I️ wonder if that person even deal with me on that level of interest
I️m not use to being single and so far I️ don’t like it
I️ like being around that special someone’s
I️ like being able to come to you and being comfortable
Where you already know me and still want for a wife
I️m the type of person who wants kids
I️ want to travel
I️ want to love and love fully
But I️m just so stuck on the attention that I️ can’t see past it anymore
As you can tell I️ write awesome poems and have a knack for creativity
But don’t feel bad for me
This is me releasing me and seeing that I️m much worth then getting some basic attention
I️ love me

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