I’m dead like the spotlight that flickers unsure
In a room full of people and broken down doors
And dead as the engine washed up uncalled for
On the shore of a town that exists no more
Like the gleam in my eyes lost to old days of yore
Like the dead of their grey-lined metallic blue
And the dead of the toy floating lost in the pool
Of my childhood home six blocks down from the school
I’m dead like the dreams of the kids that were there
And dead like the weathered stiff ends of my hair

I’ll be dead like the pictures of people long gone
dead like the brown sun-charred grass on the lawn
I’ll be dead when the clock chimes at half-past two
On the best night I’ve had since I couldn't jump through
All the hoops that that they dangle right over my head
All the hoops that make me wish I were
dead as if I never had lived

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