Dead but Aware

By DMAC   

Glossy eyes slowly open
To an unfamiliar glow
And confusion is apparent
When he glances below
So much pain and regret
As the realization sets in
suddenly he's forced to endure
How selfish he's been
Now painfully clear headed
Knowing he's out of tomorrows
A heartbreaking awareness
over takes him with sorrow
Simultaneous tears fall
Extremely separate and alone
While his drips from a cloud
hers drops to the ground
Now Sober and vigilant
with this burden to bare
He will suffer the consequence
of remaining "Dead but Aware"

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This Poems Story

This poem was my way of thinking for the person who commits suicide on purpose or simply on accident or just as a cry for help. It is my take on what they may think or go through after their minds are sober and clear and they realize what has happened permanent it is.....its completely natural to feel horrible for the living but i could never imagine being the one who is dead or what they may have suffered from alone that caused them to do what they do..being in a family who has lost from suicides and illnesses that cause suicide i know that when this happens our loved ones do not have a clear mind so this poem is my opinion on what clarity may feel like to them....