Dead Cry Raven: Black Shadow Tomb

The stench baked smell desolate despondent crap cursed.
The witch laughter echo throughout the castle opening the gates of
White Chapel closed. It will know entering a sense of purpose
in my eyes red unearthly.
Let's me prison asylum mental ward cemetery
manor so many dancing dead.

That is on graves eternally fixed ate it outcome crawled.
Those black wings are painted from bloody hell.
I hear the yells of a ravens cry bat night. I was always dealt exchange
for four black walls.

The solitude hanging crow with a death myself upside down
crafted a portal supernatural brown dimension.
A dark sentence was written buried in here under asphalt blades
begin cutting over my skin.

I sit here begin the last raven painting story.
I will never know forever hope that it wouldn't go away.
For this it this wills the bats I dream of that dead.

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This Poems Story

The raven mirror image speaks about the dreadful foreshadowing elements channeling.