Dead Cry Raven: Dark Angels Fallen

I'm bleeding inside dying inside caw cries that filled blood reign in the
sky grey green Scotland full overcast of clouds.
As it becomes rain night my days are so dark filled with anguish
the burned pedals scarred.

They fade are faint a gothic rain hurting the sanity that is little
a red flame. The nightmares left in me to bleed weird none to see.
The south in awaken despair always strangely a verbal
rant to self-made. He'd sometimes the raven felt without her resting

The worst dead nails fate embedded into my skin cold.
The fiend ancient wind blows cryptic over blue temple solid course
reaction statement. It has done cannibalism to feed on the souls of the
living winter months. They hold me down in the South Pole.

The low nowhere goes but he asleep frozen in macabre heat sink
burden will pass much ash and death dark.
The covers the horizon a blind invisible burial that is seen not candle lit.
A light concerned by destitute heat that is in dismay no prayer.

This could heal even not even the fictional bible "god will bring no peace.
Those escape to the sleeping demon quiet he always be
internal silent clandestine. The burning often for weeks often for
weeks resting beneath ashes hallow ice unending corpse.

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This Poems Story

The raven mirror image speaks about the dreadful foreshadowing elements channeling.