She only wanted to make good the day,
And run the mile past the bay.
Their hunger riling her nerves, she had no say,
No victuals, no hope, she had to run the cay.
And feed the sprogs lest their future die!

Frenzied, she had to be, to secure her quarter.
The pain only a mother has to batter!
And get the nipper a nibble even with no butter.
The drive so formidable it placed her stiff by the gutter,
Her death would herald a future so dead for the lads.

Spirited she’d fight the course and get the bread.
Mortified and a pauper she had to halt the dread.
Learning from mater later she pulled the thread,
With courage and grit for feat she brawled the dead,
For fear they’d shun a future so dead.

Then he stands arms akimbo, his quarter invaded,
Fury filled eyes, the retribution can’t be eluded!
“Why not work her field!” the vermin will be eradicated!
As the gun fires; eyes grovel but lo! killing completed…
They’ll wait, wait and wait, but mother… is terminated!

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Key Words : Dead future, mercy, killing, humanity, change lives

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This Poems Story

I once witnessed a young man, I presume he had a family, but very poor, even the hair on his head had left him at this young age. The man had NOTHING, but the young children at home, whom he did everything to save bring up. The story came to the limelight because he was caught shoplifting in one of the major million dollar stores in town. The angry owner called the police immediately, and even without asking many questions, they descended on the man with clubs, beating him half dead. They then tied his legs behind a land rover, and dragged him across town, to show the people how they would be dealing with thieves... As I sat down with a pen to write this piece, eyes drowning in tears with pity, I remembered how the children would survive. Their future is already determined for them. They have no father to look up to. Wasn\'t it better to get this young man some food to take to the children, them give him some community work as a punishment!? Wasn\'t it better to give the young man some job to earn his living honestly ? Why did they have to take his life, just to prove they had the power to do so? Is it the same thing they would do to the tycoon who was found guilty of defrauding the government department of housing millions of dollars? Was this man man killed because he was a thief or because he was poor? Such injustices happen everyday. I want this poem to reach a person who has the power to do something, and be that light, which will illuminate this world. The world is scanty of any good action. I want the poem to reach that decision maker, the rich man, so that he can do something about the plight of the suffering. It is hard to read the poem without having teary eyes. It is emotional, it is tragic and it is a cry for redemption to the less fortunate in our society