Dead Inside

Lost in a hopeless mind
Fading away helplessly
One of a kind misfit
Life's caving in
Won't follow rules
Living in sin
Searching for answers
Gave up on prayers
Wonderful dreams
Real life's a nightmare
Drowns all his sorrows
With reefers and booze
Loves to take drugs
He has nothing to loose
Surrounded with people
Yet feels alone
Hes in the same place
Everyone else has grown
30 years old
Still living at home
Jobless and self destructive
Patience wearing thin
Pics up a gun
Takes bullets out
Leaves one in
Tormented thoughts
Anguish and pain
Agony explodes in his brain
Blood rushing,face turning red
Eyes closed
Gun to his head
Click! Click!
A blank stare to the sky
Click!! Click!!
Tears shoot out his bloodshot eyed
Disappointed screaming why!
Puts the gun down
Chose to live instead
Although he's still breathing
On the inside he's dead.

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