Dead to the world

Dead to the world

I'm in this man made hell
Where nothings going well.
I'm hoping for the best,
Even wishing on a wishing well.
Tormented by a wicked past.
Its through the flames that I hear the
demons laugh.
His name is Johnny
and he leads the way.
And so I follow him on this
horrific path.
I feel as though I'm found...
I know I am lost.
I ask Johnny what is it gonna cost
of this journey?
He tells me not to worry,
I done signed the deed.
My finger still bleeds.
I've studied works of light and dark how can I enlighten the love I had
If I lost the spark?
Johnny tells me its your soul I want you can have your heart.
She Wait's for you just follow me.
It is through the flames that you will see the ones you hate and the one you grave.
Save the view and cherish the time.
For when the last grain of sand falls your soul is mine.

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This Poems Story

Wrote this poem while I was on lock down. Just felt like I was no longer part of the real and yet reality comes and hits me low making me lose track but didn't fall I continue to face my trials and tribulations head held high.