Dead Two Slain Are?

Intense the stench of human malice neglected foul past tense nine in so much inch the nail be stale the frail of death to hell. I felt physical myself to come explain the dark no emotion for hearts it grew woes interrelated case in known.

The unknown core existence missing now go worse listen or not die to life sight.
Why was it time to kill in strife?
The slice with it a sword in the battle field of the minds that are dry power that weeps
to land from.

The flight lost exhaust gratis my care is always prepared to be absorbed Goth pen when drawing ends this book has not then.
Who is now in bloody chains wrapped around my neck qualities especially hanging inside my brain?
The self-contained electronic components dead are pain.
That offers him segment of computer software unit's storage insane uncontained.

The lift of the bleeding of my skin reference frame drained of the soul life twice accelerating due to a force swell kept yell to rebel against anything that doesn't certify my belief.
The cutting is in rage to save nothing but my breath.
Worn about the human's slut list they are men and women because well sour carats nitwits dumb kids damn so stupid.

Just as bent humans ruined on nonsense like if it were that being thrashed in their wasteful trials not a smile to them to give but mockingly them to all.
I dent confederates hint I'm not one of those men and for myself.
I slept to death over nails with no breath more during cold headaches stay the belt.

This broke no glow in night shade twisted my faith choked out meaning for rights in the land of the free. This freedom for I only seek in this life to bleed in defeat.
Open for the moments now out of touch with all stuff things still corrupted.

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