Deadly Emotions

If you break your ankle you go get seen
And everyone feels sorry for you and asks you how you've been
But if something deep down inside of you breaks,
Like your heart or your soul, it must be a mistake
They will tell you you are fine and they will look the other way
They say time will heal and you'll feel better in a couple of days

But what if it's not that simple?
What if time is not the answer?
Feeling like you're worthless can be as dangerous as cancer

People believe that if you're depressed you can't have good days
And if they see you smile that the pain must have gone away
But what they don't understand is that it lingers in your head
And holds heavy on your heart until you feel like being dead

This silent killer hurts more than any broken bone
And more often leads to family standing at a tombstone
So instead of shouting attention seeker and starting a debate
Why don't we take mental illness seriously before it's too late

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