Deadly Little Temptation

With dark, enchanting green eyes
Alluring in with sweet little lies
Bringing yourself unwanted attention
All thanks to his deadly temptation

Moons light draws him into play
Once he shows, its best to keep away
Never fear nor utter an outward cry
With him around, its safest to run and hide

He makes me angry and very discontent.
I want him to leave but he wont take the hint
I don't like him nor do I wanna hide again
Surly now he knows hes my dirty lil' sin

Filling my head with dark little dreams,
Ignoring my terrified, fear filled screams
Filling my mind with twisted little thoughts
You might just faint at all I was taught

The pull is too much, and stings at my heart
Giving myself into this dangerous art
Trading away my ability to reason,
Relenting into all thoughts of treason

Temptation, such a delicious, deadly desire
Spreading through the veins like a wild fire
My freedom, forever lost and gone,
This was is over, and he has won.

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