Deadly Love

If you love me how can you hit me
If you hit me how can you love me
The same hands that cause me pain
Are the same hands that drive me insane
Sometimes i think you have two sets of eyes
Sometimes i see adoration and sometimes i see despise
You confuse me with your actions
What the hell causes my attraction
Maybe its the feeling of your healing touch
But how can you heal bruises that you cause
Your two faces need an applause
Actions speak louder than words
Words cut deeper than swords
So maybe thats why i stay
You tell me you love me while you beat me into another way
Of life, of thinking, of living
But no matter what im always the one forgiving
Im always the one smiling and laughing on the outside
When everyday i stay with you is attempting suicide
What will end when your love ends?
My life or my pain

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