Dealing With PTSD

My empathy is staked out
on the desert's burning sands,
above a nest of fire ants.
I want to scream but I can't.

My patience has evaporated,
and with it, my dried out soul.
Hope has crashed it's wings are
gone,,it had no chance.

My life is a time maze that
changes every 15 clock ticks.
Loneliness engulfs around me.
Memories I cannot forget.

My life's two pound poo-poo platter,
has over fifty pounds of stinking,
disgusting, aggravating, festering shit!
All heaved on top of it!

I would laugh, but I can't leave.
This is my folly I must perceive.
No short end is a coming, only grieve.
But ...I must be transgressive !

For I am the Lone Warrior!
I will never go easy...on my way!
Fight I will, till my dying day.
Enjoying life....Come what may!

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I know first hand about dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) It's the mind game of an idle mind. Your going 100 miles an hour headed for a crash with constant burrs being shoved up your ass. So please! Have some empathy and realize what you say hurts others trying to keep it together around you!