I've always wondered what I would do
If I ever met you
Would I allow myself to love you,
Would I let you enter my heart
Would I tell you how you make me feel
Would you tell me things that you wouldn't tell others
Would you love me as much as I'd love you
Would I believe you if you ever were to say it
I wondered if you even existed, I wondered if we
would ever meet
I never wondered if you could hurt me or if you
would break my heart
I just wanted to meet you (The man of my dreams)
The reason why I'm still breathing
Because once upon a time there was a little girl
tired of living
But she decided to let go of the blade that could
end her life
The pain her mother had inflicted upon her heart
was so strong
And yet her hope for a better future was stronger
I never liked crying in front of people
Because I didn't want them asking questions when
I felt like crying
In all honesty I never thought I would survive for so
I saw myself as a cherry blossom and how they never
At one point in time I saw myself as someone who
was fragile
Just waiting for her heart to stop

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