Dear angel

Dear Angel,
I thought i should tell you
that you were on my mind
and i love you- in which you knew.
I wish to see you
oh so soon- to just hold you
and for you to hold me too.
Nights go by-
im dreaming of you my-
better half of life, a dream in which-
i smelt you,and that is no lie.
For you to know how much you mean to me
will make my world so much brighter
that i love you and i want you to see-
that i am nothing without you.
Darling angel, come upon me
from your love and from your depths
i can be ever so slightly more free.
Im in love with you honey
i cant help it, it wasn't a choice
it was fate at its best being so sunny.
With the sapphire in your eyes
glimmering within every blink
with every glare my heart ties-
its self in such knots of hypnotize.
When we meet we will run
and pick flowers of roses and lilies
and just have a lot of fun.
I love you to the fullest
and til death do us apart
knowing day by day we're closer
for our new lives to start.

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