Dear Best Friend

I wish you would not invalidate the sufferings i go through ,
But it would be so only if you had gone through them too,
I wish you understood that choosing smiles over tears was not in my hand,
That my own soul manifested my sky to touch the land ,
To create that lill space ,
To escape this never ending race ,
To live at my own pace ,
To end this whole damn process of making the poker face,
I want to speak up and be heard ,
But no, i dont want to sound absurd,
I want to smile and flaunt my happy vibes again,
And escape of this spiral of underfelt pain,
I want to overcome this thantophobia i feel,
And those bipolar thoughts i deal,
And the struggle to convince myself that i m real .
This ineffable aurora of my emotion,
That looks back at the same damn notion,
That destiny gets to decide our happy portion.
How long will i whelve this fact?
Its not really in my hands to appropriately act.
How long will you walk with me?
A mile , a yard or across the seven seas?
My dear best friend,
Holding your hand , walking past the sea;
Gradually my sanity will cease ...

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