Dear Best Friend…

Can you believe that we are all grown up?
Fourth grade seems like it was just yesterday.
My, you were a skinny boy with glasses
And I had the blondest hair in the school.

I remember our classmates teasing us;
We knew we were not popular at all,
But to each other we seemed like the world
And that was enough for the both of us.

I can’t remember how it came to be,
This friendship and bond that would last so long.
I can only think that it was perfect;
Just you and me against all the others.

We couldn’t wait for the recess hour
Or weekends to explore the great outdoors.
The smell of the rain is fresh in my mind
Devil’s Bridge explorations, creeks and mud.

Some days were tough, but we were tougher, still.
I recall our adventures and our talks
And afternoons spent riding on your quad.
It was like I was your one true escape.

You would come over every chance you could.
Your father was not the nicest to you.
I remember that one important day;
Your mom was ill and we cried together.

Hot summers were spent swimming in the pool.
The darkest nights, playing green ghost with Bub.
Running, trying to catch our breath and win;
We’d hide away forever if we could.

My brother thought you’d marry me someday,
But you didn’t see it that way at all.
You’d make me blush a shade of red, so deep.
You were the reason for my smiles and laughs.

Freshman year was here, finally, fifteen.
Remember that party out in the sticks?
You almost kissed me at the midnight hour.
Alas, we were too shy to make a move.

The years passed on and we stayed fairly close
But time did take its toll on us, some days.
Eventually we went our separate ways.
You found a girl, and I soon found a boy.

As we prepare to go our separate ways,
I hope you know that I still love you so.
Oh, please do not forget those memories;
Our hopes, our dreams, our talks, and days in school.

For I cannot replace the way I felt.
My childhood companion, my first love,
Always know that you will go far in life
And that I wish you the very best, dear.

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