Dear Billie, Dear Holiday

In remembrance of Michael Harper “A Love Supreme”

She flutters the pure, white rose from her thick hair and wonders why
The moon tonight looks rather orange than blue, but to you
Erykah Badu has been seen singing during the night, so
The night will be colorful, unlike the charcoal black
Or quartz white she sees when she closes her eyes and sings cause -…
Her bony hand slides up her smooth neck and I
Can’t help but wonder how she could sing who I am
And I listen to her Moonglow, drinking bluemoon, trying to understand her strange
Ways of finding freedom. Dear Billie, you remind me of a dying fruit,
Dear Holiday, you look like a strange-r
You look gorgeous, but your birdeyes are closed, and all I can think of is lovefruit
And how agony can change someone for good:

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