dear boys,

Did you see what she was wearing
she's was totally asking for it by
What she was wearing

Excuse me

It is 2020
And we are seriously still
Blaming women for
Mans actions

Why do we care so much about
What women are wearing
When there are much more serious things
We should be focusing on

People are dying
There is a deadly virus
People aren't wearing their masks

And with all of this going on
You have the nerve to tell women
Not to wear a shirt because
You can't keep it in your pants

Then you get all offended when we call you boys
Instead of men

But let me tell you why i call you a boy

Dear boys,

Real men take no as an answer
Real men don't slut-shame women for they are wearing
Real men don't body shame women
Real men don't treat women like objects
Real men don't tell women to stay in the kitchen

Real men don't make jokes about womens bodies
Real men open doors for women
Real men are kind
Reall men treat the women they love with the utmost respect

But you boys wont take no for an answer
You boys slut-shame women
You boys body shame women
You boys treat women like objects
You boys tell women they belong in the kitchens

You boys make jokes about womens and their bodies
You boys don't hold the doors open for women
You boys are cruel to everyone
You boys take advantage of the women who love you

You boys claim to be men
But your actions speak louder
Than your words

And you prove to me
That you are in fact boys
Who try to act like men

Why must you boys
Act like children
When will you grow up
And become real men

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