Dear Bully

I'm done
Acting like everything is okay.
People ask me how I'm doing;
What do they expect me to say?
They judge me for who I am.
What? Am I not good enough?
You don't think I'm pretty?
You don't think I'm thin?
You don't think I'm cool or popular
Just because I'm not like them?
Why do you call me names?
Do you find it amusing to play your mind games?
Laughing at me,
Picking on my race,
My hair,
My clothes,
My voice,
My face,
Judging me for who I'm with,
Because I love,
Because I give.
I know I'm not perfect;
I know I have flaws.
Your words hurt,
But your actions are much worse.
So next time you insult someone,
Think about the pain you've just done.

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This Poems Story

I very much appreciate this wonderful opportunity Eber & Wein has given me. My mother has been an inspiration to my writing and poetry since I was a young child. All the trials and tribulations she has been through have greatly contributed to my poem "Dear Bully." Poetry is like an escape from reality. Writing words on paper, describing extraordinary places and unique characters with wondrous powers or abilities is a talent God has given me to share with the world, which is what I pray and hope to accomplish.