Dear Dad

Dear Dad,
You raised a girl as "humble" as a knight,
Trained her how a chevalier should be , right !
Let her clamber your shoulders,
Sway like a bird and take that flight,
Made her the "SON",that would glow soo bright.

Then why let the men change your mind,
They said,"Marry her now,while you still have time,
Or let it pass,it shall not rewind."
Sure was he kind,but his conceit killed her shine,
The one who rose like a knight was now left with
Peeve,grieve,bruise,blood but no trail behind.

All her life did those bars bother her nights,
Gazes in his eyes to find what freedom feels like,
Scared,shy,shivering why she holds the man soo tight ,
Little did she know,it wasn't she but him inside,
Those bars held the man today
And the woman was free for life .

Dear Dad, yes you raised a knight !

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