Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

There is so much that I would like to say to you regarding how things have turned out between us this past year and a half. It is within my deepest most sincere apologies that I caused you so much hurt and pain. I AM truly and sorry for breaking your heart and placing the blame on you for my own internal issues; It saddens me to know the Hell and disappointment I have caused you. From this day forward it is my sincerest hope that I may take this experience as a definite lesson, so that I may make decisions that are beneficial towards my life. It is this day that I step blindly into the world, not as a child but as a young woman who is desperate and desiring of success. This is the day that I silently let go of your hand and venture into the world on my own. This is the day where I must take each and every ounce of knowledge that you have invested in me and utilize it and take it with me throughout my life. This is the day that I can no longer look at the past, but rather focus solely on the future ahead of me. This is the day that I let go of fear and expand the confidence in myself and the capabilities that I possess. This is the day that I consciously and joyfully say GOODBYE to depression...GOODBYE to the sadness...GOODBYE to feeling sorry for myself...GOODBYE to not loving myself...GOODBYE to those childish all past disappointments. This is where my life starts. This is where every dream is destined to become a reality. This is where my underdeveloped mind should become whole and exert every piece of knowledge that has been cramped within my brain since adolescence. This is where my journey of hope and aspiration begins. This is where my heart become heavy in knowing that the part of my existence that I’ve become accustomed to, is now over. This is the day that I face this cruel, dark world of injustice with grace and determination to excel beyond the human imagination. This is where my stories begin, those of fear and bravery, those of lost hope and desperation, those of joy and happiness, and many more. This is where I begin adulthood and begin the logical thought process. This is where my past mistakes become a lesson and offer me the ability to improve upon myself as a whole. Most importantly, this is where I am propelled into the real world to face a cold, harsh reality. However, it is within my hope that I may create my own reality rather than accept the reality that has been handed to me. It is within my hope that I conquer each and every endeavor and goal that I work so diligently work towards, for I know that I am capable of even the most seemingly impossible things. Most importantly, this is the day I let go of FEAR, which prohibits me from pursuing my full potential. Dad, this is the promise that I am making to you, that I will make you proud, I will see that smile upon your face sooner than later. I will see those tears, not of hurt and anguish, but rather joy and happiness. I have definitely fallen, but it is now time to rise up. I can no longer accept this mediocrity that I have allowed to creep into my life. I definitely have a vision for my life, and sitting around doing nothing is not going to guarantee me the success I desire in my heart. Once again, I sincerely apologize for the hurt and pain I’ve caused you. From this day forward, I will only be working hard to become the BEST me that I can possibly be. In closing this letter, I want to say THANK YOU for everything you have ever done for me and everything you have ever taught me. Dad, you are truly amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better father. You are the best father anyone could ever have; I was just too damn blind to see it. Here, I lie down the foundation of what I hope to gain going forward from THIS DAY, my first day of college, August 11, 2018. It is my sincerest hope that the precision of my words will match up with the precision of my actions.

Sincerely Dear Dad,

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