Dear Dad

Mom always told me you have a problem.
She says only you can solve them.
So for the last eighteen years,I lost all hope.
My dad's on the street,high on dope.
I was ten with unanswered prayers.
By fifteenth I thought you just didn't care.
I would call but you'd never pick up.
This is killing me dad, I'm going nuts.
I wish I could just see you and get it all out.
But I cant. So, this is what this note's all about.
Dear Dad,
I haven't seen you in awhile.
I tried looking you up in forensic files.
I mean who knows,maybe you're dead.
Do you even know what goes on in my head?
I thought at least you would call or send a letter.
Maybe your absence is for the better.
I just hope that you can figure this out.
Drop that pipe from your mouth.
Come back to reality and remember your daughter.
Me,this girl who can't find her father.
I'm sorry that I had to be blunt.
I wish that you could give this up.
Please Pop,hear what I'm saying. Until then, I'll keep on praying.
Love me,your baby girl.
I would give anything to be apart of your world.

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