Dear Daughter

If i could take the memories And lock the all away
I would show you when you're older The path we took along the way

Never would I realize The sacrifices I would make
For this little brown eyed girl Who's heart I couldn't break

Everytime you looked at me. Your eyes filled pride and hope
Id give the world to keep it there, To hurt you I can't cope

I've tried so hard to hide you. From the ugly in this world
Eventually a day will come where you won't be my little girl
You will lose your innocence, You'll feel heartache and pain
But always keep your hope alive. Son't live your life in vain.

If you should ever feel regret For something you should do
You can run into my open arms. I've made my mistakes too

Never give the world a chance to determine who you are
Keep your faith up in advance that god will take you far

This is a letter to my daughter, So someday you may see
There's nothing i won't do for you. You're everything to me

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