Dear Dress Code

Dear dress code,
I have been told to follow you like a religion
I have been told I am wearing something offensive
But I find it offensive is that you find a stomach so disgusting
That you can’t bear to see said stomach, even though everyone has one
But I can’t bear being told parts of my body are repulsive  
I find it repulsive that you make a young girl feel like a slut
All she wants is to be accepted
But she can’t be when she is pulled aside, her bra strap is showing
How irresponsible of her,
Sorry, I mean how irresponsible of you
Almost every woman wears a bra, so don’t make her feel like an outcast
You should be outcast, for blindly following society's expectations
Stop to think, who made those expectations? Men
I have learnt to not bite the hand that feeds you
Wait until your full then burn the kitchen to the ground
So Dear dress code, until year twelve

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