Dear Eating Disorder

You were the best friend in the back of my throat
a tiny ballerina you were my last hope
with a thigh gap and perfect collar bone
you danced around, it was my favorite song
I would reach back and grasp your tiny waist
all I wanted was to be perfect like you some day
till one day I realized it was all a show
you did not want me to be perfect, you wanted me gone
as my body slowly withered away like a dying rose
I looked you in the eyes and said
I know we have been best friends for several years now,
but I think it is time for you to go.
This is an extremely hard goodbye.
Trust me I know,
but I can not continue living my life
with the weight of your words dragging me down
like an anchor holding down a ship.
I am no longer bound up bu this disorder.

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