Dear Elestus

How is it that one simple choice, can ruin a life forever
The choice that you thought, you wouldn't make ever
When I made that decision, it felt wholly right
But the split second after, I began to live in eternal night
When we made the choice, the choice to follow Lucifer
We were promised much power, and many would bow to us in turn
But I found out very soon, that he not only lied to humans
But to us as well, it was a language in which he was fluent
Still though we were free, and happy about that
We simply redirected our worship, to him it was pointed at
I didn't care as long as it pleased me, what I did for him
I didn't realize that we were really, setting a foundation for sin
I wanted to come home, I really did my brother
But he wouldn't let me leave, he said we were bound to one another
I begged and I pleaded, for him to let me go
But he said he couldn't, every time he said no
Why didn't you stop me, you were right by my side
When I said I'd join them, you just stood by and cried
I remember the feeling, that feeling of dread
When I joined his dark forces, and found myself dead
My decision was permanent, I know that now
And I know coming home, Satan will never allow
So I wish that you, Elestus my friend
Would tell Elohim for me, before I meet my end
That I'm sorry for my actions, I ruined what he gave
And I wish I could reverse, that decision I made

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