Dear Father…

Dear father,

I'm all choked up like my words,
singing songs no one's heard,
you say it will get better one day,
you say things are better this way,

Dying like a storm,
I long to be somewhere warm,
I feel like i'm dying,
See me while i'm crying,

Falling in the wind,
See me as i'm skinned,
Saying i have sinned
Feeling like i'm pinned-

-Against a wall
Watch me as i fall,
Sees through it all,
That this wasn't how it was supposed to end…

You we're supposed to be my friend,
A true ride or die,
Watch me as i fly so high,

I'm falling down to the devil,
See you holding a shovel,
You killed in cold blood,
Watch your heart as it flood,
With nothing but empty promises.

The feelings fill my bones,
You broke me like sticks and stones,
You call me on my phone,
To say your sorry.

But we both know there's only ONE side of this story.

Dear father...

You never saw me as i am,
Saw me as nothing as i stand,
Taller than you,
You look such a fool,
Saying you were right,
All this ending with this fight.

I don't want to talk.

I don't want to walk it off.

I want you to see me as i stand,
Stand with me. Hand. in. hand.

But you watch from the side,
As i burn and decide,
That i never want to see you again.

Dear father,
Please be with me once again,
See me as nothing but a true friend.
Brick by brick,
Stone by stone,
In the end all we are is alone,

Cold in your shadow,
I freeze,
I'm on my knees,
Begging daddy please…

Leave the way you are,
And say that i'm your shooting star,
Get away from your ways,
Beyond the bad days,
To see that i'm right here,
See me clear,

Come to your senses, and see,
That you belong right here, next to me.

Tell me your sorry,
So i don't have to worry,
About whether or not i have a place to stay on the weekend…

I want to be able to say i know you, but i don't.
I want you to apologize, but you won't.

Dear father...
I'm crying for days,
Waiting for you to change your ways,
While you sit and watch,
I'm taking it up a notch,

I would apologize but i was you who was wrong,
I'm writing all these songs,
Waiting for you to notice me,
Won't you let me be free?

Dear father,
A month has passed,
I'm getting over it fast,
But you won't let it last,

You see my tears and you laugh,
I wish to know just half-
-of the man you used to be

I'm staring at the ground
Waiting to be found
But all that find me
Are your words that bind me

I'm cold and afraid
While i'm holding this blade
You used to hold
Used to be afraid and cold

You tell me all these stories
Of when you had no worries
Doing all these things
But then you got that ring,
And everything changed,

Those things you once used to feel safe,
Is now the source of an escape,
I've never seen you cry like you did,
When she put that ring back on the table.

Dear father…
I hear your cries,
It may come as a surprise,
But I actually care.

Dear father...

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